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Codes of Keeping

Here we have what we find are the tried and true standards of keeping many species. A good shoulder lean-on for those who are unsure.


Want to learn more in how to follow and introduce the "Codes of Keeping"? Check it out here! Videos and guidelines to help you out. 

ERA Members

Meet the keepers, breeders and the facilities who we feel go above and beyond. They are evaluated, recognized and accredited as welfare pros!

Our Mission

NASAHERP aims to represent North America’s herpetoculture. We support and encourage responsible ownership; which includes animal welfare standards, conservation and educating our fellow keepers that we all can excel and work towards positive, ethical keeping. We hope to help guide new keepers to our valued standards, which in turn will help support organizations who help fight for our rights to keep and breed what we love.  We, as a hobby and an industry are being attacked unjustifiably by opposing fronts due to ill-advised knowledge and false information. With welfare standards in place, it will be much more difficult to violate our privilege of keeping these amazing animals.  Join us, and discover what amazing keepers and breeders are out there that follow these standards and more. We want to show everyone what we, as a hobby, are able to define as “ responsible reptile keepers".

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